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Competitor Spotlight



Team: Swag OD
Season 15 Finish: 1
Wins: 11 Losses: 1 Ties: 0


5COTTY is Captain of Season 15's Championship CS:Source team "Swag OD" - Swag OD 5COTTY was a former member of Glitch'd, the team who won Season 13 and a member of Shenannigan's, the team who won Season 12. Team Swag OD, a mix of former Shenannigans and Glitch'd team members, dominated the competition in Season 15. The only exception was (1) loss to Rifle Based Legion -RbL- in Week #2. Coincidentally, both teams faced each other again in the CS:Source Invite Division Final where Swag OD completely decimated -RbL- to win on De_Train 16-0.

Team Spotlight

Swag OD

Swag OD

Members: 11

League: CS:Source
Division: Invite
Region: Central


Team Members
Captain 5COTTY 0:0:5310782
Co-Captain ericy 0:0:17703584
Member Mindtaker 0:1:3114248
Member Ty 0:0:8371534
Member dlk 0:0:8828474
Member redmayne 0:0:3488243
Member KdF 0:1:8385284
Member GOLEM 0:1:9682818
Member er1c 0:0:4549355
Member awesomesauce 0:1:5492344

Current Champions

Club Conflict Team Swag OD

Team: Swag OD
Team Captain: 5COTTY
Wins: 11 Losses: 1 Ties: 0



Congratulations to the Season 15 Champions, Swag OD. Swag OD defeated Team Finesse on De_Tuscan 16-12 to secure the CS:Source Central Region Title. Swag OD then went on to defeat Rifle Based Legion -RbL- on de_train 16/0 to win the Club Conflict Counter-Strike Source Invitation Division Title.


1 SwagOD [Strict-Pro] De_Villa 23-07 WIN
2 -RbL- SwagOD De_Inferno 29-1 LOSS
3 SwagOD SAO De_Train 18-12 WIN
4 |hof| SwagOD De_Russka 30-0 WIN
5 Finesse SwagOD De_Contra 29-1 WIN
6 SwagOD Ars De_Season 29-1 WIN
7 -=BwA=- SwagOD De_CPL_Mill 25-5 WIN
8 SwagOD [OBC] DE_Losttemple_Pro 24-6 WIN
9 [aDx] SwagOD De_CPL_Fire 27-3 WIN
10* SwagOD Ars De_Contra 16-0 WIN
11* Finesse SwagOD De_Tuscan 16-12 WIN
12* SwagOD -RbL- De_Train 16-0 WIN

* Playoff matches end when the first team reaches 16 rounds won


Sponsored Prizes

Season 15 Prizes

First Place Prize Provided by: Silverstone Technology

1st Place: Silverstone PS07 Micro ATX Case

Team: Swag OD


Second Place Prize Provided by: SteelSeries

2nd Place: SteelSeries Gaming Mouse Surface

Team: Rifle Based Legion

Thanks to our Prize Sponsors Silverstone Technology and SteelSeries! We encourage our members to support our sponsors. Please visit their websites and check out the exciting products they have to offer.

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