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CS:GO Team Donald's Dolphins Win at Ready to Fight! Fall Damage LAN 2017

50 esports enthusiasts took part in a new Fall LAN party in Western Pennsylvania NOV 10-12, 2017. Ready to Fight! Fall Damage 2017 kicked | Read More

Join us at the LAN Party - Ready to Fight! Fall Damage 2017

READY TO FIGHT! FALL DAMAGE 2017Join us in Western Pennsylvania for an awesome new LAN Event, Ready to Fight! Fall Damage 2017 scheduled for NOV | Read More

Team Sunnyvale Wins Dreamhack Sponsored 5vs5 CSGO Tournament at LAN in the Highlands 2017

Team Sunnyvale Trailer Park was Victorious at LAN in the Highlands 2017 5vs5 CSGO Tournament Hosted by Club ConflictCongratulations to Team Sunnyvale Trailer Park for | Read More

RGB LAN Report: Team Toggle When Needed Bests Field of Eight in CS:GO

We had a blast hosting the SilverStone Technology 5vs5 CSGO Tournament at RGB LAN. The event took place just outside of Philadelphia, PA in | Read More

FITES 300 LAN Report: Team Slothboyz Victorious

Held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania February 24 - 26, 2017 at the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center, FITES 300 was a great success. Gamers filled | Read More

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