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The Admins

Team Profile

BallisticsZayhanSV8MovingTargetLumiiPVPkwidgeMarty Jr.Tha_TroofdTraf


Team Roster

Ballistics Pittsburgh, PA, United States STEAM_0:0:62720 Owner, Scheduler
dTraf Pittsburgh, PA, United States STEAM_0:1:6889708 MVP
kwidge Boston, MA, United States STEAM_0:0:53954577 MVP
LumiiPVP - , --, United States STEAM_0:1:116171156 MVP
Marty Jr. Boston, MA, United States STEAM_0:0:30592978 MVP
Tha_Troof Boston, MA, United States STEAM_0:1:11881683 MVP

09/06/20191:59 PM ESTBallistics is now the Owner
11/05/20191:41 PM ESTBallistics is now a Scheduler
11/05/20191:43 PM ESTBallistics is now the MVP
11/08/20193:37 PM ESTMR.CLEAN is no longer the MVP
09/19/20196:42 AM ESTZayhanS is now the MVP
11/07/20191:20 PM ESTkwidge is now the MVP
11/07/20191:21 PM ESTMarty Jr. is now the MVP
10/08/20198:27 AM ESTV8MovingTarget is now the MVP
11/07/20191:21 PM ESTMR.CLEAN is now the MVP
11/08/20193:48 PM ESTLumiiPVP is now the MVP

This team has not competed in any matches currently.


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