Club Conflict is a new social media site that hosts esports tournaments. We provide a secure website and a client protected CS:GO platform for FREE! Compete and connect with your friends. Link your Steam profile, XBox Live, Playstation Network ID, Twitch.TV and Youtube. Join and follow the action on our streams. Invite your friends. Join us on LAN! Become part of an exciting gaming community. Join 2500+ Club Conflict members who are currently helping to grow and support esports.

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Club Conflict Online Gaming League has been operating successfully since 2002! We want you to be part of our future. Club Conflict members have all access to our competitive leagues. Members can join a league or tournament and have a chance to win great prizes from our sponsors. Send a request to join a team or create your own. See what other games are being played by Club Conflict members. Steam Game Stats are available.

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