Plantronics CS:GO Streamer PUG - Week #1



Plantronics CS:GO Streamer PUG's at Club Conflict

We held our first Plantronics CS:GO Streamer PUG Night here at Club Conflict on Friday September 22, 2017 at 10PM EST.  (10) gamers joined our 128-tick scrim server #2 in Atlanta for the PUG/10 man.  Team Captains were Co|tz and Novatics.  The teams were:

Co|tz, Fiendish Dr. Wu, TooSmartNA, Rey, Captain Useless


Novatics, StaticSoap, peeK, Oggie, Sudzizzle, dtraF (sub)

You can view the demo here: Plantronics Streamer PUG Week 1 Demo 

You can watch the action here:

Novatics team won the knife round and chose to .stay as CT's.  A fast paced action packed first half took place.  dtraF subbed in for peeK near the end of the first half with the score ending 11-4 in favor of co|tz and the T's.

Co|tz's team went on with a strong finish to win the 2nd half with a score of 16-5.  TooSmartNA won the MVP Award for his 23/13 K:D and 4MVP performance.  Honorable mention goes to Feindish Dr. Wu for his 18/9 K:D and 5MVP's.

TooSmartNA Wins MVP in Week #1

Congratulations to TooSmartNA for winning the Plantronics CS:GO Streamer PUG Week #1 MVP.  For his efforts, he has won a Plantronics RIG 500 gaming headset.  The headset is endorsed by the ESL and is compatible with consoles (Xbox One and Playstation 4) as well as PC.  Thanks to Plantronics Gaming and Plantronics for their support!