Plantronics CS:GO Streamer PUG - Week #3 - De_Inferno



Plantronics Twitch.TV CS:GO Streamer PUG at Club Conflict - Week #3 - De_Inferno

Week #3 of the Plantronics CS:GO Streamer PUG's here at Club Conflict took place on Friday October 6, 2017 at 10PM EST.  10 gamers joined our 128-tick scrim server #3 hosted out of NY/NJ for a PUG on De_Inferno.  The Team Captains were Rey and Captain Useless.  Teams were:

Rey, solidloL, tomtom, Novatics and Jinxify_TV


Captain Useless, Ballistics, pwn^e, NastyKreap and Nick. 

The event was streamed LIVE at Twitch.TV/ClubConflict

You can view the demo here: Plantronics Streamer PUG Week 3 Demo 

You can watch the action on our Youtube Channel here:  

Rey's team won the knife round and chose to .swap to CT.  The match went back and forth with Captain Useless's team winning as T's 10-5 first half.  The second hald was much the same until late into the match the score tied at 10-10 and again at 13-13.  The match ended with a 15-15 tie.  Overtime started with each team playing 3 rounds and switching sides.  Overtime start money is set to $10,000.  Rey's team managed to win 19-17 in overtime!  What a match.  You may have noticed but I got to play in this match and I had a blast.

Plantronics CS:GO Streamer PUG at Club Conflict - Week 3 - De_Inferno

Congrats to tomtom for winning MVP for the Plantronics CS:GO Streamer PUG Week 3!  He had a score of 34/24 K:D and 5 MVP's.  tomtom won a Plantronics RIG 500 gaming headset for his efforts.  We'd like to recognize the opposing team and in particular Nick for his 36/24 and 6 MVP's performance, narrowingly losing in overtime.  A big thanks goes out to our participants and our sponsors including Plantronics and Everleap Cloud Hosting.  We'll play again next Friday night at 10PM EST.