Club Conflict Season Nineteen Preseason Begins January 31, 2018 - A Few Rules



It is a new year and we are excited to get our CS:GO league back up and running.  Preseason matches will be played for the next (3) weeks.  Preseason is a great way for teams to try out potential new team members.  Matches are to be played on the Club Conflict Scrim Servers, which do not require the hassle of downloading and installing the Club Conflict Client. 

Preseason is a bit more relaxed on a few of the rules.  For example, you may play someone who has not registered here at Club Conflict, provided their Steam Account is VAC free.  This is a great way to expose potential future Club Conflict members to our Match Mod and servers.

There is no Preseason Schedule.  If you are looking for a match, you must join our Discord Voice-Server and request a match.  Teams that want to participate should simply send a delegate into our Discord and ask if there are any teams looking to play.  

Maps will be Vetoed using the Club Conflict Match Mod.  Teams will knife for sides.  A maximum of (2) 5-minute Tactical Timeouts will be granted each team.  The winning team's Captain should report the results to a Club Conflict Admin in the Discord Channel after the match so we can post the results in our News Channel.  Demos are not required for PreSeason Matches.

As far as building your CS:GO team goes, rosters will be open (changes allowed) until the end of Regular Season Week #3.  Grab your friends, form a team and come join in on the fun!  See you on the servers.