How to Add Members to Your Club Conflict Team



Become a CSGO Team Owner at Club Conflict

One of the most asked questions we get is how to add members to your team.  Obviously, the first step is to have your team members register on our website.  Remember you must first verify your email (click the link sent to your email) before you can login (Click My.CC at top right of the site).  Once logged in, you will be asked to link your Steam Account to your Player Profile here at Club Conflict.  Once you have done that (Log-In to Steam), complete your profile (remember to upload a profile upload a picture).  

Once you know your team member has registered, go to your Team Management tab.  If you have more than one team, select the correct team from the list.  Once you are on your Teams' Profile page, click "Team Management".  To invite your team members, click the "Recruit Players" tab and enter a partial user name in the search box.  If your team member has registered and you have spelled their username correctly, the website will suggest a name.  Click the name and fill out the message body with "Join my team please." or a more personalized message.  Tell your team member that you sent them a Join Request.  They will find the Join Request in their Messaging "Inbox" tab.  Once they accept the invite, you will get a message in your Inbox telling you they accepted.  You will also see them on your Roster tab in Team Management.

You can assign various roles to your team members like Owner, Captain, Co-Captain, Scheduler and MVP.  Be careful though, once a member has any role above Co-Captain, they can make changes to the team including changing ownership and even removing you.

We encourage you to utilize the built-in messaging system to send player to player messages.  Teams can even send team to team messages.  We hope to expand upon these features (including building instructions on how to use many features into the website) in the near future.

Be sure to add Friends,  Simply click the "Add Friend" link on a members' Player Profile and tell them you sent them a Friend Request.  They will find the request in their Messaging section in the Inbox tab. 

Good luck to all who registered with us.  Please tell your friends to join Club Conflict.  During Beta, every new member automatically gets a Premium Account here for life, which means you will never have to pay to take advantage of the premium benefits (this does not include "pay to play" individual and team registration fees which will be coming soon).  Good luck and have fun!  We'll see you on the servers.