Club Conflict to Host CS:GO LAN Tournament at RGB LAN2 March 3, 2018



RGB LAN2 CS:GO Tournament Hosted by Club Conflict

We are pleased to announce that Club Conflict will once again host the CS:GO LAN Tournament at RGB LAN.  Join up to 180 gamers in the Philadelphia, PA area (Oaks, PA) for an awesome lanparty.  Tickets are available at  Once you have a ticket, register your team for the RGB LAN 5vs5 CS:GO LAN Tournament right here at Club Conflict.  SilverStone Technology RL06-BR-PRO windowed ATX cases will be provided to the (5) winners of the CS:GO Tournament.  Thanks SilverStone Technology!  

A variety of games, platforms and tournaments will be featured at RGB LAN.  Attendees can represent their favorite team by selecting either Red, Green or Blue and by helping your team earn points by participating in tournaments, challenges and social media interactions.  The team with the most points at the end of the event gets the lions share of the charity cash pool donated to their respective charity.  Special thanks to RGB LAN for inviting us out to host the 5vs5 CS:GO Tournament,  Thanks to all of our supporters and members for supporting a great cause. 

Win SilverStone Technology RL06-BR-PRO windowed ATX cases at RGB LAN 2018