Roster Lock Coming - Teams Exempt and IM Ready Drop



Heads up Club Conflict members.  Our league's rosters lock this Sunday night March 11, 2018 at 12:00 PM midnight EST.  Teams that do not have at least 7 members be advised.  You should have a reserve or two on your squad.

It has come to our attention that Teams IM Ready and Exempt will be dropping from the league.  To adjust for this, we will be making adjustments to a few teams schedules.  In an effort to minimize the number of FF wins each team will get, Teams Dynasty, BunchOScrubs and shroud9 (these teams played both dropping teams) will have a match or two adjusted.  If your team has already taken a FF win from either Team IM Ready or Exempt, do not take another FF win tonight or your results will be adjusted after the fact.  Schedule adjustments are imminent so double check it.