Week #3 Coming to End: Some Things to Consider



OK Club Conflict members, we are nearing the end of week #3.  [UPDATE] On Sunday the 18th at midnight EST, the team rosters will lock.  We recommend that each team have (7) members.  Use your discretion but beware, you wil not be able to add to your roster after this Sunday.

We will begin casting matches regularly at Twitch.TV/ClubConflict beginning next Wednesday evening we will select one match to cast.  We may also optionally cast an additional match as time allows.

Team Captains, you are ultimately responsible for your teams actions.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your entire team is aware of the league rules and obeys them at all times.

One that we would like to remind everyone about is our Good Sportsmanship Rule.  While light banter between teams may be fun, there is not really any place for it in our league matches.  Keep the matches professional please.  Also, your voice is being recorded in our GOTV demos.  When our demos are tarnished with someone's slip of the mic, your team may well be sanctioned by the league.  The same goes for "all chat".  Keep it reserved for match related use please.

Team Member Names - We will begin enforcing that names are correct and not offensive in matches moving forward.  In all future Club Conflict Tournaments, the Player and Team names are subject to approval, offensive names will be asked to be changed.  When playing in Club Conflict Matches, please make sure your name matches your name on your Teams' Roster.  This helps the casters as well as opponents identify you.

Captains: Make sure your team member is playing on their right Steam account.  Playing on any steam account other than the one listed on your Team Page's Roster at Club Conflict is not acceptable.  This rule has caused a recent match to be overturned.

Speaking of Streaming, please remember that we want to show our sponsors and fans of CS:GO a great show.  Please be considerate of that and do your best to represent your organization in a positive light.  Your future participation in the league really depends upon it. 

Keep up the great work communicating with each other in Discord.  The matches have been a ton of fun to play in and watch.  Here's to a great Season 19!  Good Luck and Have fun!