Introducing: King of the Hill Friday Night Scrims



Club Conflict CS:GO Scrim Series "King of the Hill" Begins April 13, 2018

We are pleased to announce a series of Friday Night CS:GO scrims will take place here at Club Conflict beginning April 13, 2018 at 9PM EST.  We are titling it the "King of the Hill" Friday Night CS:GO Scrim Series.  To prepare and beginning tonight at 9PM EST, teams BunchoScrubs and Team Horin will face off in a qualifier.  The map will be decided by veto and we will cast the match at Twitch.TV/ClubConflict.  The winning team will face our league's current "King of the Hill" Team Aries next Friday night at 9PM EST.  Matches will be administrated and scheduled in our Discord server. Participating teams are required to use the Club Conflict Client (featuring Easy AntiCheat). 

Every current team participating in Club Conflict Season 19 has been already entered into the competition.  New teams are welcome.  To qualify, teams must first fully register (5) members (Clean Steam ID's attached to CC Player Profiles).  They may then register their team for the event.  Once you join, pop into our Discord channel and ask for a scrim Friday night.  Many scrims will be taking place every Friday Night at 9PM EST.  Teams that agree to scrim should notify Ballistics, the League's Director of Operations, so he can schedule the match for tracking purposes within the King of the Hill Scrim Series Event.  One match, predetermined for the "main stage" will be cast on Twitch.TV every Friday night at 9PM EST.   We will keep track of all participating teams win/loss records just so we can see which team is dominating others on scrim nights.  Teams doing the best will be selected to face the reigning "King of the Hill" and have the match cast Friday nights at 9PM EST.

Beginning April 13, 2018, we will know the teams that are going to be participating on the "Main Stage" and have their action cast on Twitch.TV.  As the competition progresses, we will select teams with the best "Scrim Records" to face off in a Qualifier match for the chance to take on the current and reigning "King of the Hill".  Winners of the "Main Stage" event will enjoy the bragging rights of being crowned "King of the Hill" for the week.  Each week, beginning April 13, 2018, One member from the winning team will be crowned MVP and be awarded a small prize (To Be Announced).  Please tell your friends and thanks for participating.  Good luck to all of the teams!

UPDATED 4/13/2018

BunchOScrubs will face Team Aries on Friday April 13, 2018 between 9P and 10P EST