King of the Hill Scrims - Week 1 Team Aries vs BunchOScrubs



Club Conflict King of the Hill Scrims Begin April 13, 2018

Watch as Team Aries faces off against BunchOScrubs in our first match of the King of the Hill Scrim series.  We will stream the action at Twitch.TV/ClubConflict.  The winning team returns next Friday night to face a new challenger.  An MVP will be selected from the winning team and they will win a small prize.  First up will be a "Habit of Force - Cleansing of Hands" CD from the league's Official Sound Sponsor heavy metal band Habit of Force.  Habit of Force (band no longer active) was headed up by Club Conflict member Caustic.  The MVP will win a copy of Habit of Force's latest CD and a Club Conflict vinyl sticker.  Good luck to the winning teams.

The MVP Wins a Habit of Force CD and a Club Conflict Sticker