Interview with Club Conflict Admin Matt "ZayhanS" Thornton



Today I'd like to introduce our newest addition to the Club Conflict League staff, Matt "ZayhanS" Thornton.  I interviewed Matt.  This is one of many interviews that we will be doing in the future covering our staff, teams, players and more.


[Ballistics] Today I am joined by my good friend and fellow CC Staff member Matt "ZayhanS" Thornton.  Hi Matt.    

[ZayhanS] Heya!


[Ballistics] Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into gaming.

[ZayhanS] Well, I'm currently 19 and I've been using computers since I was about 2 years old. I've played many games overtime, ranging from RTS games such as Company of Heroes to competitive FPS games like Counter-Strike. The game I've sunk the most time into would be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  I started to compete and play on teams through CEVO and ESEA leagues, reaching both CEVO and ESEA main at one point. I also have competed at multiple LAN events ranging the east coast - from Fragadelphia in PA to Boston, Ohio, New York, and more!  Its always been a takeaway for me, to escape any real life problems and just jump into another world with a new focus on the game. This and Racing would be my two hobbies.  Racing has the same effect.  When I line my car up for a run i forget all my stresses and my skill and adrenaline take over for a blissful amount of time.

ZayhanS at Fragadelphia 10

Matt "ZayhanS" Thornton at Fragadelphia X


[Ballistics] Very cool!  What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in gaming?

[ZayhanS] My biggest accomplishment would be my 2nd place finish at Fragadelphia 10.5, it was a one day LAN that my friends and I had done a lot of preparation for. After 6 hard fought matches, we lost out in the semis to the best team there.  A close second would be our Club Conflict LAN (Ready to Fight at LAN in the Highlands 2017 - Grand Finals GOTV Demo Link) where we took home 1st place without dropping a single map and I was positive about 40 kills over deaths (I can probably find the actual stat for that somewhere).

Team Donald's Dolphins 0 CS:GO LAN Champs 2017 

Team Donald's Dolphins (L-R ZayhanS, MishMash, peeK, PlasticArmyThug and pwn^e) posing after their LAN victory defeating team Handle With Care 2-0 November 11, 2017 


[Ballistics] Do you have brothers and sisters?  If so, do they game?  Does your family support your gaming?

[ZayhanS] Yes I have a brother, he also plays games and mostly because of me -- though not as skilled Haha! And my parents and grandparents are very supportive, they watch my matches and before I was working and making money they helped me cover tournament and travel costs.


[Ballistics] How do you feel about CS:GO and North American CS:GO scene in particular?

[ZayhanS] I personally think there is too much ego in lower level counter strike. Too many people who talk down on others rather than give criticism and improve the player base as a whole. It should be more about improvement and not whose better or who sucks more etc. The pro scene was out of wack for awhile with cloud9 breaking up after their best run ever and claiming the Boston major title. However, team liquid seems to be hitting their stride so this may be a good season for the North American pro scene. 


[Ballistics] I agree, there is a lot of focus in the amateur scene in North America on K/D ratios etc.  This has been pointed out by our European counter parts.  Do you think there is room for growth in the North American amateur CS scene?  What would you like to see happen to help the NA amateur CSGO scene grow?

[ZayhanS] Oh there is definatally room for improvement, I think more people need to work together and critique each other rather than trash talk and involve egos.  Let's be real, at the end of the day we're all amateur so why trash talk someone in the same league as you? Help each other get better it'll better the scene.  Everyone can teach you something.  Someone better can teach you what to do.  Someone worse can teach you what not to do.  I'd like to see more leagues open up to be honest.  Right now ESEA seems to be all there is when it comes to competition.  CEVO seems to have died down and FaceIT doesn't offer league competition here yet.  I think the more pathways to players the better - more talent development and a more diverse player and tournament host base.  Also like I said, helping each other rather than trash talking and putting each other down.  You don't get better by trash talking or being trash talked.   I've learned this racing too, racers will help each other and that developes talent.  Suggestions to build and cars and preparations make faster cars and better racers.  Simple things the driver may not notice that a fellow racer noticed and told them about can go a long way to making a faster car and better driver for the both of them.  Same in competitive games.  

ZayhanS and his girlfriend posing in front of his 2017 Dodge Challenger T/A

 ZayhanS poses with his girlfriend in front of his 2017 Dodge Challenger T/A which he drag races at local tracks


[Ballistics] I agree, the comradare of fellow competitors helps make the competition more fun and exciting.  When did you first learn about Club Conflict?  How did you find out about CC?

[ZayhanS] I learned about Club Conflict through Pwne^ as he invited me to the CC LAN in 2017.


[Ballistics] You are on Pwn^es' team in Club Conflict Counter-Strike League Season 22, what role do you play on RaWr?

[ZayhanS] Normally I'm an AWPer but for this team i just fill whatever role is needed. I'm a very dynamic player so i can fill almost any role/position and adjust on the fly. 


[Ballistics] Lastly, you are now on the Club Conflict Staff as a League Admin as a Writer and as a Video Editor and we are looking forward to your contributions.   Under those predicates, what do you hope to accomplish or bring to CC league?

[ZayhanS] Well I'd love to help bring more people to the league, as I said the more leagues available to players the better the player base can get. I want to be able to help get people looking at the league and have it grow as a whole into something great.


[Ballistics] What is your main weapon in CS:GO?

[ZayhanS] I use the AWP mainly, I've always sniped and  I started in ARMA 2 with the sniper playing Military simulations a such, helped hone my aim and patience with a sniper.  


[Ballistics] What screen resolution do you use?

[ZayhanS]  1280 x 1024


[Ballistics] What sensitivity do you use?

[ZayhanS] 800 dpi and sensitivity of 1


[Ballistics] You have mentioned racing.  Where do you race?

[ZayhanS] Cecil County dragway, Maple Grove Raceway, any track or course I can get on really.


[Ballistics] Tell us about your car.  What are its' specs?  How fast is it in the quarter mile?

[ZayhanS]  2017/Dodge Challenger T/A/ 5.7L Hemi V8 soon to be pro charged.


[Ballistics] How fast is it in the quarter mile?

[ZayhanS]  No time yet on the current setup.  I also have a 1987 Chevrolet S10 pickup with a 383 stroker V8 and nitrous that runs 10 seconds in the 1/4 mile.

ZayhanS' Chevy S10 drag truck Which Does 10 seconds in the 1/4 mile

Matts' Chevy S10 drag truck


[Ballistics]   holy crap!  very nice!  Great interview Matt!  I'll post it soon.

[ZayhanS]  Thanks.


Well that wraps up our interview with Matt "ZayhanS" Thornton.  We look forward to what Matt brings to the table as our newest addition as a CC Staff member.  Look for more interviews in the near future.