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Club Conflict CS:GO League Season 25 Main Division Rules



Club Conflict CS:GO League Season 25 Main Division Sponsored by Logitech Gaming

Club Conflict is currently in BETA, as such, things like websites clients and servers are bound to break.  Because of this, delays may happen beyond our control and your participation in our Beta requires that you understand this.  We will do our best to keep you informed of any problems or delays by posting News regularly on our website.  All rules are subject to change at the league admins discretion. 

UPDATED 7/21/2020 

Introduction:  Established in 2002, Club Conflict was originally an invite-only gaming league ran by an awesome online gaming community.  Today we are open to all CSGO teams across North America.  Our gaming community has helped grow the phenom that we know as esports today.  We thank you for your participation and we encourage your feedback.  

Start Date: A minimum of (16) teams must be registered and paid to begin the Club Conflict Main Division.  Delays to the start of the season will incur unless this minimum is met.  Club Conflict Main Division begins on Thursday August 20, 2020.  Teams need (5) team members registered with team fees paid by Monday August 17, 2020 at midnight PST to get your team on the schedule.  The Main Division's regular season schedule will be released on Tuesday August 18, 2020 at 7PM EST.  Any matches scheduled prior to this deadline are tentative only.  Please utilize the built-in messaging system (needs some work but is functional) to contact the Club Conflict League Director of Operations, Ballistics with any problems. 

Admin’s Say is Final:  The League Admin can change any rule and make any determination they like.  Their decision is final, you must accept it.  Playing in our league is dependent upon you understanding this very simple rule. 

Membership: Participation in Club Conflict is a privelage not a right.  To maintain the privelage, please observe all of the following Club Conflict rules.

Invite Only: Participation in Club Conflict Season 25 Main Division is "invite-only".  Our inaugural season will be limited to (32) teams.  Open Division Season 23 & 24 Semi-Finalist teams are invited to join the new Main Division (optionally). 

Cost: $300 per team (5 - 10 members including Coach).  A team registration fee of $300  must be made via Paypal prior to a team being added to the schedule or any matches being played.  Anyone can pay the team registration fee for a Club Conflict Main team.  Team fees are considered crowd-funding support for the event.   *This allows for team members, sponsoring organizations, friends and fans to help support their team.  All team registration fees are essentially non-refundable.  In the event that the Club Conflict Main Division CS:GO league is canceled by the organizer, all team registration fees will be refunded, within 2-weeks, to the persons or organizations that originally paid the fees.  Teams who pay but do not compete will not be refunded.  Teams who drop out will not be refunded. 

Paying Team Fees: If a team's fees have been paid, a green check mark will appear to the right of the team in the event.  To pay a team's registration fees, click the shopping cart to the right of the team in the event.  Payment with Paypal is required.

Return Policy: All event entry fees are non-refundable with one exception.  If an event is canceled by Club Conflict, Inc. prior to the start of the event, entry fees will be refunded to the appropriate party.

Prizing: Prizes for Club Conflict CS:GO League Season 25 Main Division is Cash only.  Prizing (who on the team gets the cash) is decided ultimately by the Team Owner.  1st Place = 40% of Team Registration Fees, 2nd Place is 20% Team Registration Fees, 3rd Place = 10%  Team Registration Fees.   

Teams: Teams must have a minimum of (5) and a maximum of (10) fully registered (Steam ID Linked) members to get placed on the schedule.  Once you are on the schedule, you are free to add and remove members as long as the rosters are open.  Please try not to have under the minimum number of players allowed (5) listed while you are making roster changes.  Player fees must be paid before playing in any matches.

Minimum Age: All team Players must be a minimum 16 years of age by the date of the league's team submission deadline to participate in Club Conflict Main.  

Scheduling:  Whenever possible, please plan on playing your scheduled matches on Monday night at 9PM EST and Thursday night at 9PM EST.  All regular season matches must be played by Sunday October 4, 2020 at midnight PST.   If you cannot play on your scheduled day, be sure to check the schedule and contact your opponents' scheduler before match day and request a reschedule.  Unless your team has communicated with the opposing teams' scheduler prior to match day, your opponent is not required to even offer a reschedule.  If your team (the team requesting a reschedule) cannot make the opposing teams reschedule offers, they are not required to acommodate you and may take a FF win over your team.  If you have a minimum of (4) ready to play on match night, you may elect to play 4 vs 5.  You may communicate in the Club Conflict Discord server in the #match-scheduling text channel. 

Rescheduling:  The following feature is for Team Captains and or Schedulers Only: If you wish to reschedule, use the Club Conflict websites' built-in messaging system to contact the opposing team prior to match day.  To do this select the message tab and select the compose tab. Select "send a message to the Captain(s) of the another team".  In the "Team Search" box enter a partial team name.  Select the team you wish to message.  Fill out the Subject and the Body of the message and send it.  The message will send to all Team Captains and Schedulers.  Any match reschedule requests received 24 hrs before the scheduled match need not be considered.  You may alternately post in our #match-scheduling Discord Text channel to assist in communicating with your opponent. 

Wild Cards: If wild cards are found in the event schedule.  They are glaring holes left in our rosters by teams that do not make good on their commitment to finish the season.  Teams may play any team they have not been regularly scheduled with and that they would like to challenge.  Simply contact the teams' scheduler and notify them that you would like to use your Wild Card (or theirs) to play them and ask them if they accept the challenge?  The map will be a "map veto".  If your team has chosen to take a FF Win on a Wild Card, you may later elect to rescind that FF Win and opt to challenge an eligible team.  If your team has already recorded a win (your opponent left the league) you may keep your win.  You can not play any team more than once during regular season.  There is no limit on the number of times your team can play in a Wild Card challenge, as long as your team is not  already scheduled to play the challengers, you may accept their challenge.  Note: Only (8) matches may be recorded in regular season. Teams that could benefit from gaining a Wild Card match are allowed to seek out teams with eligible (scores not yet recorded) Wild Cards and ask to play.  Teams who took a FFW may opt to rescind the FFW and play a Wild Card match.  Upon completion of your match, contact a league admin to get your match results posted.  Wild Card matches not completed with a scheduled opponent will not count against the opponent.  Forfeit Wins against a Wild Card opponent will not be recorded.  Only Wild Card matches that have been completed will be recorded. 

League Forfeiture: Teams that do not show for any matches or become unresponsive will be removed from the league.  If a team is removed from the league for lack of participation, that team may be penalized from playing in the league for up to one year.  The penalized teams' members, however; may elect to join any other team without penalty.  Team Owners who elect a League Forfeiture are not permitted to create any new teams and or join those new teams to any CC events for a minimum of one year.  Team Owners who suffer a League Forfeiture are permitted to play on a participating league team as a player only and they may not become the "Owner" of a new team until their suspension is completed. 

Betting:  No Teams, Team Owners, Team Managers, Players, Staff or Management of participating or attending organizations may participate in gambling or betting, provide information that may assist in gambling or betting, either directly or indirectly, for any Club Conflict matches or tournaments in general.  Any and all gambling or betting against your team or organization's matches will lead to immediate disqualification of the team, players or organization and a 1 year, ban at a minimum, for participating in Club Conflict League's or tournaments.  Additional violations will be penalized at the discretion of the league's administration.

Match Fixing: Any team or organization involved in the manipulation of a match outcome other than sportive success in the tournament in question is considered match fixing and is not allowed in Club Conflict.  A common but not exclusive example of match fixing is losing a match to allow for a wager or bet to be won. Any match fixing will lead to immediate disqualification of the team, players or organization and a 1 year, ban at a minimum, for participating in Club Conflict League's or tournaments.  Additional violations will be penalized at the discretion of the league's administration. 

Sponsors Consideration: Our organization is supported by some great brands.  These brands associate themselves with Club Conflict because we have developed a respected organization that provides fair and drama-free competition for all.  Team Owners are responsible for the actions of their team members.  Having team members that "act up" on stream or in matches may get your team suspended or banned from competing in future events. 

Good Sportsmanship:  Club Conflict is a drama free zone.  Please do not accuse your opponent of cheating.  If you have a problem, notify an admin after the match and we will look into it.  We do not condone racism, sexism, outright harassment or aggressive behavior towards others online or at our live events.  Our events are supported by fantastic sponsors who go out of their way to provide prizing for our events.  We owe it to them and our fellow Club Conflict members to treat each other respectfully.  Our good sportsmanship policy is not only restricted to our website and match/scrim servers but also includes any Club Conflict related behavior on social media and streaming activities. 

Behavior: Play every match as if it were being streamed LIVE!  Team owners are ultimately responsible for their team members behavior in-game as well as out.  Team members who violate our Good Sportsmanship policy may, at our admins discretion, disqualify their team from competition or otherwise penalize their team for their actions. 

Message Mode 2: When playing a match, please stick to mm2 or message mode 2 (team chat).  MM1 or message mode 1 (all chat) is to be reserved for negotiating scheduling or match related details between teams.  Posting your dissatisfaction to how a round played out in mm1 is not welcome.  Dropping from a match before it is finished is considered rude behavior.  Taunting the other team in a derogatory fashion is prohibited. Negative comments after a round loss will not be tolerated.  Violation of this rule can result in your match win being overturned or another penalty (ban/suspension) at the League Admins discretion. 

Fairness:  No VAC Banned, Game Banned or Community Banned (No Red Bans) Steam accounts may play in Club Conflict League.  Players with "red" VAC, Community or Game Bans are considered "Untrusted" and cannot participate in Club Conflict events.  Club Conflict members who have Steam accounts  VAC/Game/Community Banned will get a minimum of a (1) year ban at Club Conflict.  Their banned Steam Account will never be eligible for league play in the future. 

Vulgarity or Racism:  Team or Player names that are considered vulgar or racist are frowned upon.  Your Player Profile links to your Steam account.  Racism or what may appear as Racism on your Steam Account is not permitted.  Admin disciplinary actions will be administered to violators of this simple rule. 

Team Owners:  Be careful who you allow to be your Captain or Co-Captain.  They will have the power to add/remove players including you.  If you are an organization who wants to own a team, we recommend that you are active in your owners role.  To maintain control of your team, do not assign a Captain or Co-Captain role to anyone not part of your organization.  A Scheduler role is all that is needed. 

Team Name Changes:  We discourage teams from switching names, logos and organizations during the league season.  All name changes must be approved by a league admin in advance.  To change your team name once you have registered for an active event or league, contact a league admin. 

Professionalism:  Although Club Conflict may not be the largest or most well known esports league, that does not mean that we do not strive to be.  We expect all who participate, at every level, to remain professional.  Playing in our league is a privelage not a right.  That privelage can be revoked.  Our league is supported by advertisers and sponsors.  Our league is supported by viewers of our streams as well as by the members of our organization.  All of of our leagues members and supporters deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Team Owners must ensure that their players are aware of this at all times.  Failure to remain professional by adhering to our good sportsmanship and behavior guidelines may result in administrative action being taken including having matches forfeited, team and player suspensions and bans.  

Advertising:  Do not spam or advertise in-game or anywhere else on our website.  An  #Advertise text channel is available for members to post in our Discord server.  This includes spamming binds in-game, websites included in player names or in chat (Discord or in-game).  There are appropriate places to advertise your team website (Team Profile Page) or your stream/videos (ex #lets-see-your-frag-vids text Channel). 

Who Are You:  To help support our casters and admins, we ask that you use the name provided on your player profile and your teams’ roster during matches.   If an admin asks you to change your name, please comply.  Your player name may be enforced at the server level, be sure the name you want to use is on your Player Profile. 

Map Pool: We will be using the active duty map pool which includes: 








Demos:  GOTV demos are required to be recorded for all online matches.  Additionally, each player must record a client demo of their Club Conflict match.  The demos must be made available to the league admin upon request.  In-game voices are recorded in the demo.  To record a demo, in console prior to Lo3, type record "demoname" without the quote.  We suggest record ccwk2_nuke etc.  Ensure there are no spaces in the demo name.  Keep your client demo.  If a league admin asks for your demo you must produce it.  Failure to have a demo could result in a match being overturned or other admin action. 

Capture Screenshots: Please grab a screenshot of the score at the half and the final score.  Winning Team Captain is required to submit the (2) screenshots in the #screenshots text channel in our Discord. 

Streaming:  By playing and participating in Club Conflict events, you agree to be streamed.  Club Conflict will periodically stream Official Club Conflict League matches.  These matches are recorded and may be uploaded to Youtube for viewing.    Streaming of regular season league matches by league players is allowed, provided, the CC League is not already streaming the match (check with an Admin).   When streaming regular season league matches we require a minimum of a 2-minute delay.  Playoff Matches are not allowed to be streamed.  Any team involved in streaming a playoff match will be swiftly dealt with.  Any team found to be stream sniping (watching any Club Conflict match being streamed, on delay or not, while playing in the match), may have their match result overturned and the team may be removed from the league. 

GOTV: GOTV may be available for viewing matches.  Each server's default GOTV port 3 above the default port.  Port 27015 game server's GOTV would be Port 27018 etc.  GOTV is on a 2 minute delay.  Teams and Coaches are not to be using GOTV for "stream sniping".  GOTV is for fans and friends to watch the match. 

Spectating Match Servers: No players or coaches may "spectate" a match.  Only CC admins and League Casters may spectate a CC match.  Coaches may use the .Coach feature to spectate their team. First, join the correct team, then type in in-game chat type ".coach" to become your teams' coach. 

Match Servers:  Our match servers are 128-tick servers.  Our match servers require the use of the Club Conflict Client (Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible) to connect.  Please ensure you are not interrupting a match before you connect.  *Please note - Only League Admins/Casters can spectate a league match.  

Running our Client:  You must close CS:GO before opening the Club Conflict Client.  If at any time the client does not communicate with the master server, it will kick you from the match server.  Be sure your firewall and or antivirus is not blocking the application.  It's best to check your client for issues before match day.  Ensure that your client is steadily connected to the match server for at least 2 minutes before going LIVE!  Getting kicked for your client not communicating (or not being on) is not grounds for a round replay (Match Medic). 

Running Scripts: Use of scripts to gain an unfair advantage of your opponent are not allowed.  Examples of these are bunny hopping scripts.  Use of key binds are allowed.  Examples of key binds are binding a key to purchase weapons with a single keystroke or binding a key to Jump and Throw for more consistent smokes.  Buy Binds and Jump Throw scripts are legal.  Scripts may not contain wait commands.  Scripts that contain wait commands are prohibited from league play. 

Connecting: Be sure to have the Club Conflict Client running prior to launching CS:GO.  Click the "Join Server" icon on the schedule.  You will be prompted by Steam to enter the servers password (look in your system tray, sometimes it hides there).  Enter the server password and click Enter.  Your game will start (if not already running) and you will be connected to the server.  Be sure to connect to your scheduled server and to not interrupt a match that is already underway. 

Match Mod: One member of the Home team should initiate the Match Mod (become the Match Leader) by typing in game chat .setup.  The Match Leader will choose the map of the week from the schedule.  After the map change, the Match Leader must type ".Setup" once again selecting the menu options to allow for teams to switch sides, Captains Enabled, Veto Maps & GOTV Demo Enabled as well as Knife for Sides.  Usually the server is ready to play by pressing the following: 


The Match Leader may cancel the match (example: wrong settings were picked, players on wrong teams) by typing .cancel and selecting menu option 2. 

Match Support:  All support for league matches will take place in the Club Conflict League Discord server at If no support is available, please email Ballistics. 

Team Rosters:  Rosters will be open (add/remove members) until the final two weeks of regular season.  Once into this restricted time period, no changes can be made until the regular season is complete.   Upon the completion of regular season, roster additions can be made with restrictions: we require (3) original team members to remain on the team heading into playoffs.  To be considered an original team member you must have been on the team for a minimum of (4) matches during the regular season.  Upon the completion of a playoff match (you can sub in a new player during your first playoff match if needed), rosters are locked for the remainder of playoffs. We require a minimum of (5) members and a maximum of (10).  Prizes will be shipped out to the (5) members delegated by the Team Owner.  We will not ship (5) prizes to one address and only rarely ship more than one prize per address. 

Subbing in Matches:  A sub may join the server as soon as your 5th player drops.  At no time is your sub allowed to be on the server prior to your 5th dropping.  All subs must be fully registered (VAC ban, Game Ban and Community Ban Free Steam Account Linked) Club Conflict members.  At no time can a player that is not registered participate in a match.  Teams that play non-registered members may receive a FF loss. 

Tactical Timeouts:  Each team may use up to (4) Tactical Timeouts per map played.  These timeouts are limited to a maximum of 2 minutes (honor system) in length and (2) may be used in a single half.  To call a timeout type “.Pause” in game chat.  The timeout will take place during the next rounds freezetime.  To end the timeout, type “.Unpause”.  The timeout will end when the other team also types “.Unpause”.  Teams may elect to use their opponents timeout remaining time balance before typing .unpause, which will unpause the match. 

Technical Timeouts:  Tactical Timeouts that exceed 3 minutes become Technical Timeouts and require a league admins attention.  Occasionally Technical Timeouts may take 20-30 minutes to resolve.  Causes of Technical Timeouts may include server issues, teams having ping or connection issues etc.  The league admin may have to make a Technical Ruling which will instruct teams on whether to proceed with the match or not.  Occasionally the admins Technical Ruling will include the use of the Match Medic functionality built into our Match Mod.  The Match Medic enables us to reset a server and the teams' economy to what it was on a previous round. 

Coaching: We allow Team Coaches to observe their team during the match.  To enable Coaching, first join your team (ensure you are on the correct team).  Type .Coach and the MatchMod will announce that you are Coaching the respective team.  If you selected the wrong team prior to "Live on 3", simply select the correct team and type .Coach again.  After the match goes LIVE, if you disconnect as a Coach and return to the match, you will automatically be placed back into team spectate for your respective team. 

Coaches in Voice Chat:  We do allow team coaches to be in voice chat with their team during matches; however, we forbid coaches and or anyone connected to the team's voice channel from watching the GOTV/Twitch stream during the match.  Stream sniping is not allowed. 

Checking Your Opponent:   It is the Team Captains’ responsibility to check the opponents Steam ID’s before the match begins.  Type “status” in console and take a screenshot of the Steam ID’s.  Compare them to their teams’ roster.  Any match that goes live results may stand, depending upon the decision on a case by case basis by the league admins. 

Reporting Wins:  It is the responsibility of the winning team to report wins.  The Team Owner or Captain should record the score being sure to include the score for each half.  Pay attention to which team you are recording the score for.  Navigate to the “Results Tab”.  Navigate to your match and click the small pencil icon to edit the match score.  Once finished select the check mark icon to save your results.  Your opponent will be notified via email that the score has been submitted and will have the opportunity to dispute the score if need be. 

Fifteen Minutes:  This is how long a team is required to wait on an opponent or a representative from the opposing team to join the server on the default match night.  If the team you are supposed to play has not communicated or attempted to communicate a need for a reschedule prior to match day, your team may record a FF win.  To support your claim, take a status screenshot showing all (5) members of your team on the server and have it ready.  We may ask to see it. 

Points System:  Win = 2 points, FF Win = 1 point. Loss = 0 points, FF Loss = -1 point.  Teams generate points for their performance in the league.  The top 8 teams will advance to the playoffs and this is determined by your teams’ points.  You may find that making up your match is better than taking a FF loss. 

Play the Match:  We truly believe that all teams want to play their matches but real-life events can often challenge our online lives.  We ask that you do your best to accommodate teams that request a reschedule.  If you request a reschedule the day of your match, your opponent is not required to offer you a reschedule. You are at the mercy of your opponent.  If you have at least 4 team members, you may elect to play 4vs5.  Assistance from the league admin will be needed to LIVE up the match.  All weekly matches must be played by the end of the regular season.  Teams who have not played a match after the end of regular season week #2 may be removed from the league and penalized from future league play. 

Regular Season Maps:  We will be playing (2) opponents per week in BO1 matches on for regular season.  All regular season matches will have the map vetoed, teams will play with the map veto rules below. 

Changing Maps: The Home Team Captain will be the Match Leader (person who types .Setup for the match) can select to "Change the Map" by selecting option 6.  When the map changes, type .Setup once again and select the options for your match. 

Knife for Sides:  Teams will knife for sides.  Meet your opponent in the middle of the map and knife it out.  The team that wins can choose .swap or .stay. If you spawn with a pistol or bomb during a knife round, do not use the pistol or plant the bomb. 

Veto to a Single Map:  All regular season matches will be map veto.  Home team Captain is Match Leader: In chat, type .setup and Set up the CC Match Mod for Teams to Switch Sides (Select team Captains by typing .capt in chat), Veto (to a single map), Knife for Sides Enabled and GOTV Demo Enabled.  To do this the Home Team Captain must connect to a match server and type “.setup”.  You are now the Match Leader.  Select the above options in the menu and press 1.  Then type .capt and set your opponents Captain (ask them who will be vetoing) as Captain 1.  Set yourself as Captain 2 (you will get to choose between the last two maps in the veto).  

Playing a Map Series to be Vetoed: During Playoffs for "Best of Three" matches, we will use the new Matchsetup 2.0 feature in our Match Mod, which sets up the server with Team Configs (anyone whose SteamID is not listed as being on your team will be prevented from joining the match server).  Vetoes will be controlled by team members that are predetermined and listed on their respective Team Profiles as Team Owner, Captain, Co-Captain or Scheduler in that order. 

Alltalk During Matches:  Alltalk will be enabled until the match goes live.  Also, immediately upon the end of the first half, alltalk is enabled for a few seconds before teams switch sides.  Take a moment to tell your opponent “good half”.  As soon as teams switch sides, alltalk is disabled.  Alltalk will turn back on at the end of the match. 

Overtime:  In the event that there is a tie, Overtime will immediately take place.  Teams will remain on the side that the match ended on.  Start money will be set to $10,000.  Each team will play 3 rounds then the Match Mod will switch teams for you.  Overtimes will continue until one team wins 4 of the 6 overtime rounds.  Report the win exactly as the rounds show (example 19-17).  A single 2-minute "timeout" may be utilized during each side (one for CT side and one for T side) of overtime. 

Regular Season:  (2) matches against (2) different opponents per week.  Each match will consist of (1) BO1 scheduled match with maps being vetoed.  Regular Season will take place over (4) weeks.  Teams that no-show for the first 2 weeks will be removed from the league.  Teams that fall behind more than one week in matches are risking disciplinary measures including being suspended from the league. 

Playoffs: The winning team will be crowned the Club Conflict Counter-Strike Season 25 Main Division Champions!  We will be awarding cash prizes for 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place teams.  The 3rd and 4th Place decider match will take place before the Grand Finals. Playoffs involve top (8) teams advancing.  Playoff entry ties (ex teams with same win/loss record) will be broken using rounds won.  Playoff matches will be best of (3) maps with maps vetoed.  Playoff Week #1 will be Quarter-Finals.  Playoff Week #2 will be Semi-Finals.  The 3rd and 4th Place decider match will take place in Week #3.  The Grand Finals will be scheduled in Week #3 and at the very latest,  week #4.  A large portion of the playoff matches will be cast on Twitch.TV/ClubConflict.  All Playoff Matches must be coordinated with the League Administration, to accomodate streaming of the match.  Teams must plan accordingly, as delays to the start of a Playoff Match may exceed 30 minutes from the posted schedule start time.  

Playoff Forfeits: Forfeits Can Not be Taken During the Playoffs.  We very much frown upon forfeiting during playoffs.  Teams who forfeit before or during a playoff match may be suspended from league play in the future.  If a team thinks they cannot play in the playoffs, it is best that they forfeit from the league before the playoffs, allowing another team to play.  If a team forfeits before the playoffs begin, a replacement team will be brought up.  If a forfeit takes place after the first quarter-finals match, no replacements will be brought in.  The forfeiting team will be suspended from future play. 

Grand Finals: The Grand Finals will consist of a "Best of Three" series and start no later than 8PM EST.  Teams must coordinate with the CC Admins on the date so that we can promote and stream the Grand Finals.  All (3) Grand Final maps will be vetoed by the teams.  

Championship Prize:  The winning team will win a Cash Prize equal to 40% of the Team Entry Fees Collected (Minimum Prize of $2,000).  

Second Place Prize: The 2nd Place team will win a Cash Prize equal to 20% of the Team Entry Fees Collected (Minimum Prize of $1,000).  

Third Place Prize: The 3rd Place Team will win a Cash Prize equal to 10% of the Team Entry Fees Collected (Minimum Prize of $500).