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Battlefield 4

Club Conflict community members have been fans of the Battlefield franchise for many years. The latest release in the Battlefield series provides serious gamers with a truly great compeitive Battlefield experience. Club Conflict looks forward to hosting Leagues and Tournaments for Battlefield 4. Check back often for news on our upcoming BF4 events!

Competitive Gaming


Battlefield 4 is built from the ground up to provide a great experience to both competitive gamers and spectators. Three game modes in particular are especially suited for smaller teams to play on: the fast-paced Squad Obliteration, the frantic Domination and the highly tactical Defuse mode, where even the slightest error has dire consequences.

The new Spectator Mode is also key to making Battlefield 4 a force to be reckoned with in the world of competitive gaming. Spectator Mode will bring great viewing, streaming, and video-making opportunites. Click here to visit the official BF4 site and read more about the new competitive features.


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