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tom carpenter
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DOB: (yyyy-mm-dd) 1989-06-06

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CC Ballistics

Steam Stats

Total Steam Games: 452

Games Played:

GameNameHours PlayedStats
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms5,729Game Stats
Rocket League858Game Stats
Clicker Heroes343Game Stats
Left 4 Dead 2247Game Stats
TrackMania United189Game Stats
Grand Theft Auto V154Game Stats
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer139Game Stats
Counter-Strike: Source127Game Stats
Z1 Battle Royale122Game Stats
Paladins114Game Stats
Sid Meier's Civilization V107Game Stats
Stardew Valley92Game Stats
Tabletop Simulator74Game Stats
Just Survive68Game Stats
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive63Game Stats
Saints Row: The Third50Game Stats
Quake Live46Game Stats
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim45Game Stats
Puyo Puyo™Tetris® 39Game Stats
Golf With Your Friends34Game Stats
Rust31Game Stats
Disc Jam28Game Stats
Splitgate: Arena Warfare28Game Stats
Path of Exile27Game Stats
Portal 225Game Stats
Borderlands GOTY24Game Stats
Dirty Bomb24Game Stats
TrackMania² Stadium24Game Stats
PAYDAY 223Game Stats
Saints Row IV22Game Stats
Left 4 Dead21Game Stats
South Park The Fractured But Whole20Game Stats
Natural Selection 220Game Stats
Magicka19Game Stats
Quake Champions19Game Stats
You Must Build A Boat18Game Stats
Dota Underlords16Game Stats
ShellShock Live15Game Stats
South Park™: The Stick of Truth™15Game Stats
BRINK14Game Stats
Counter-Strike14Game Stats
Legion TD 214Game Stats
Portal13Game Stats
Trine 211Game Stats
The Ball11Game Stats
Don't Starve Together11Game Stats
Mass Effect11Game Stats
SpeedRunners11Game Stats
Golf It!10Game Stats
Half-Life 210Game Stats
DOOM10Game Stats
10,000,00010Game Stats
Torchlight10Game Stats
Cogs9Game Stats
Cook, Serve, Delicious!9Game Stats
Dying Light8Game Stats
Borderlands 28Game Stats
Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead8Game Stats
BioShock Infinite8Game Stats
Monday Night Combat7Game Stats
Kerbal Space Program7Game Stats
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD6Game Stats
Blackwake6Game Stats
1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby)6Game Stats
Game Dev Tycoon6Game Stats
Super Monday Night Combat6Game Stats
Unreal Tournament 3: Black Edition5Game Stats
Amnesia: The Dark Descent5Game Stats
No Man's Sky5Game Stats
Dungeon Defenders5Game Stats
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare5Game Stats
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer5Game Stats
Castle Crashers5Game Stats
Mount Your Friends5Game Stats
Divekick5Game Stats
Call of Duty: WWII - Multiplayer5Game Stats
Starbound5Game Stats
Super Meat Boy4Game Stats
Terraria4Game Stats
Dead Island4Game Stats
Unreal Tournament 20044Game Stats
Watch_Dogs4Game Stats
One Hour One Life4Game Stats
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare4Game Stats
MLB 2K103Game Stats
Project Highrise3Game Stats
Half-Life 2: Episode One3Game Stats
Project Winter3Game Stats
Toki Tori3Game Stats
Prominence Poker3Game Stats
Garry's Mod3Game Stats
Rogue Legacy3Game Stats
Pro Cycling Manager 20133Game Stats
BattleBlock Theater3Game Stats
RUSH3Game Stats
Call of Duty: Black Ops3Game Stats
Risk of Rain 22Game Stats
The Wonderful End of the World2Game Stats
Cities: Skylines2Game Stats
Sid Meier's Civilization VI2Game Stats
Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year2Game Stats
Destiny 22Game Stats
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter2Game Stats
Slay the Spire2Game Stats
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition2Game Stats
Realm Royale2Game Stats
Risk of Rain2Game Stats
Warhammer: Vermintide 22Game Stats
Robocraft2Game Stats
Slap City2Game Stats
Nether2Game Stats
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition2Game Stats
Global ATC Simulator2Game Stats
Contagion1Game Stats
Deep Rock Galactic1Game Stats
Prison Architect1Game Stats
Jump King1Game Stats
AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity1Game Stats
Nidhogg 21Game Stats
Nidhogg1Game Stats
Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings1Game Stats
Poly Bridge1Game Stats
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter1Game Stats
Battlefield: Bad Company 21Game Stats
Metal Drift1Game Stats
The Forest1Game Stats
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™1Game Stats
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection1Game Stats
Pummel Party1Game Stats
Viscera Cleanup Detail1Game Stats
Trials Fusion1Game Stats
For The King1Game Stats
PlanetSide 21Game Stats
Just Cause 31Game Stats
Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West1Game Stats
Dino D-Day1Game Stats
Ticket to Ride1Game Stats
Torchlight II1Game Stats
Battlerite1Game Stats
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!1Game Stats
Bulletstorm1Game Stats
Overcooked! 21Game Stats
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit1Game Stats
The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare1Game Stats
Factorio1Game Stats
Velvet Sundown1Game Stats
Steel Circus1Game Stats
Half-Life 2: Episode Two1Game Stats
Killing Floor1Game Stats
Awesomenauts1Game Stats
Football Manager 20141Game Stats
NBA 2K161Game Stats
Defense Grid: The Awakening1Game Stats
Bully: Scholarship Edition1Game Stats
Town of Salem1Game Stats
DiRT 21Game Stats
Just Cause 21Game Stats
BATTALION 19441Game Stats
Day of Defeat: Source1Game Stats
Audiosurf1Game Stats
Worms Reloaded1Game Stats
H1Z1: Test Server1Game Stats
Genital Jousting1Game Stats
Reflex Arena1Game Stats
Baba Is You1Game Stats
Trials Evolution Gold Edition1Game Stats
PAYDAY: The Heist1Game Stats
Bridge Constructor1Game Stats
Laser League Beta1No game stats available.
Half-Life1Game Stats
3DMark1Game Stats
Monaco1Game Stats
Brawlout1Game Stats
FPV Drone Simulator1Game Stats
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy1Game Stats
Goat Simulator1Game Stats
Godus1Game Stats
Mutant Football League1Game Stats
Grand Theft Auto IV1Game Stats
DRAGON BALL FighterZ1Game Stats
Deceit1Game Stats
Crayon Physics Deluxe1Game Stats
Bastion1Game Stats
GRAV1Game Stats
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box1Game Stats
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 21Game Stats
SMITE1Game Stats
Octodad: Dadliest Catch1Game Stats
Chucks Challenge 3D1Game Stats
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch1Game Stats
The Jackbox Party Pack1Game Stats
Skullgirls1Game Stats
Don Bradman Cricket 141Game Stats
Depth1Game Stats
Brütal Legend1Game Stats
Wolfenstein: The New Order1Game Stats
Brawlhalla1Game Stats
Crypt of the NecroDancer1Game Stats
Mirror's Edge1Game Stats
From Dust1Game Stats
Antichamber1Game Stats
Poker Night at the Inventory1Game Stats
Gang Beasts1Game Stats
DEFCON1Game Stats
The Stanley Parable1Game Stats
SimplePlanes1Game Stats
TOXIKK1Game Stats
Tom Clancy's The Division1Game Stats
The Ship: Remasted1Game Stats
VRChat1Game Stats
Team Fortress Classic1Game Stats
Plain Sight1Game Stats
The Binding of Isaac1Game Stats
The Walking Dead1Game Stats
FEZ1Game Stats
HALF DEAD 21Game Stats
Return to Castle Wolfenstein1Game Stats
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball1Game Stats
The Crew1Game Stats
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth1Game Stats
Trials 2: Second Edition1Game Stats
Darksiders1Game Stats
Gremlins, Inc.1Game Stats
Totally Accurate Battlegrounds1Game Stats
Broforce1Game Stats
Carcassonne: The Official Board Game1Game Stats
Sid Meier's Civilization IV1Game Stats
Hollow Knight1Game Stats
Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to Climb1Game Stats
Insurgency: Sandstorm1Game Stats
Tower Wars1Game Stats
Pro Evolution Soccer 20131Game Stats
Autonauts1Game Stats
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One1Game Stats
Lords of Football1Game Stats
Gunpoint1Game Stats
Banished1Game Stats
Spelunky1Game Stats
Duck Game1Game Stats
Windward1Game Stats
Cards and Castles1Game Stats
They Are Billions1Game Stats
Peggle Deluxe1Game Stats
Arma 21Game Stats
Universe Sandbox Legacy1Game Stats
FTL: Faster Than Light1Game Stats
DOOM II: Hell on Earth1Game Stats
TrackMania Nations Forever1Game Stats
STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy™1Game Stats
Papers, Please1Game Stats
Pro Cycling Manager 20141Game Stats
SNOW1Game Stats
Magicka: Wizard Wars1Game Stats
Survarium1Game Stats
Vertiginous Golf1Game Stats
Pyre1Game Stats
Crossout1Game Stats
Loading Screen Simulator1Game Stats


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