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Club Conflict is home to all sorts of folks including PC and console gamers, music lovers and more. We are supported by some of the industries' leading names in digital entertainment, services and hardware.

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Member Giveaways

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Online Tournaments

Club Conflict members have exclusive access to our online Tournaments. These sponsored events will take place in addition to our scheduled league match play. Some of the best pc gaming titles will be featured. Play for great sponsored hardware prizes. What PC game titles will be showcased first? Counter-Strike Global Offensive!

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Lan Events

Club Conflict is an avid supporter of the LAN Party. We sponsor big LAN Events like FITES, PITTCO, GXL, Dot LAN and LAN IN THE HIGHLANDS.

In addition to sponsoring LANs, look for Club Conflict to host Official Club Conflict LANs in the future! These events will feature sponsored pc and console video gaming tournaments, live entertainment, a reserved Club Conflict member seating area, great prizes and more! We will be announcing news about our Club Conflict LAN events in the future.

Lan In Highlands